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Text Box: Reliability and efficiency, for people who value professional qualities in a saw, but who aren¡¦t forestry professionals. Composite crankcase reduces vibrations and sound pressure. Combined choke/stop control.
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Technical Data
Text Box: Engine specification

Cylinder displacement				40.8 cm³
Power							2.0 kW / 2.7 hp
Maximum recommended engine speed		12500 rpm
Fuel tank volume					0.5 L
Oil tank volume 					0.25 L
Oil pump type						fixed flow
Cutting equipment

Chain pitch						.325" 
Recommended bar length				33-45 cm / 13-18"

Noise pressure					100.5 dB (A) 
Noise power						113 dB (A) 
Overall dimensions

Weight without cutting equipment 			4.7 kg

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